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Arena Essex Raceway
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1.00pm , Sunday, 07 September - National Bangers World Final Wild Card plus Lightning Rods, Stock Rods Supreme Championship and Ministox

Gates open at 10:30 AM       Admission prices on the gate -
Adults: £14.00, Children: £7.00 (under 5's free), Family: £40.00, Concessions: £7.00
No need to pre-book. Purchase tickets at the gate. 

With the Banger World Final only two weeks away, we have one bit of business that needs to be addressed. The Wild card. That's what we have today as drivers compete for the back door into the main event of the year for the National Bangers. We also have the Supreme Championship for the Stock Rods and we have more from the Lightning Rods and the Ministox.
The National Bangers World Championship Wild card event is a free pass for a lucky driver to get into the grid. While designed to allow for somebody that has insufficient points to qualify at their particular promotion, the event has been used, in past years, in other ways which can make the whole thing more interesting. For example, the reigning champion normally starts at the back of the World Final grid but, on one occasion, the champion raced and won the wild card event which allowed that champion to draw a better starting position in the World Final. There are all sorts of reasons, in fact, why drivers of all grades and abilities race in this event. It isn't unknown for somebody with no prior World Final experience to suddenly be launched into the limelight by winning this event. Others do it because they enjoy a battle. This has been a big event in the past as so much is on the line and today, we hope, will be no exception.
Our last double-header meeting featured the Stock Rod World Championship which, I must admit, was a great event, especially the early heats. It has been an up and down sort of year for Ben Grant but his efforts during his march to the title are certainly worth mentioning; no doubt Matt will have something in his pages about the new Stock Rod World Champion. How this will affect his standing in the Supreme Championship today remains to be seen. This event goes back a long way and more than one driver will have their sights set on lifting the trophy this year, but how many of them want a crack at beating the new champ? There are certainly enough out there that could try.
While I'm talking of the Bank Holiday double-header, I'd just like to thank everyone that made the meetings so special including you lot out there, especially those that braved the elements for the Monday dousing. Ice bucket challenge? FAH! Child's play! Just ask our new Supreme Champion in the Lightning Rods, Anthony Lawrence. Not an easy day as far as the racing went, especially those points where the weather really went downhill, but Anthony wasn't afraid to show his wet weather dominance, even going to the outside where few dared to go during the day's events.
The Ministox have been turning up a lot lately and have not disappointed yet. The main event at the moment, however, seems to be how many ways the Morphey boys can get the better of Lauren Overy. There's method in the madness – Lauren is close on the leader board and, at one time, had control of it. At the start of August, Will Morphey was tied at the top of the board with Lauren. Since then, however, Lauren has paid less visits to the trophy table and has been spun down the grid on many occasions, dropping points all the way. This ruthless push for points could see Will grab the title this year, though it really all depends now on whether Lauren discovers a ruthless streak that could give Will any trouble, or if Harry Steward can sort out a run of good results or if Will does anything silly that drops him out of contention. Or the car blows up. Figure it out! These things happen in all formulas!
Did I mention the World Final? Well, I shall do it again as the National Bangers converge on Arena Essex Raceway on Sunday, September 21 for the 44th ORC National Banger World Championship, the longest running event of its kind anywhere in the world. We assemble here at 1pm and the Ministox will be back for that event too.