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Arena Essex Raceway
PRI Racing Fixtures
1.00pm , Sunday, 05 April - PRI Bangers plus Ministox, Lightning Rods Supreme Q/R 1 and 2L Stock Cars

Gates open at 10:30 AM       Admission prices on the gate -
Adults: £14.00, Children: £7.00 (under 5's free), Family: £40.00, Concessions: £8.00
No need to pre-book. Purchase tickets at the gate. 

Happy Easter to everyone and welcome to the first day of our two day Easter Eggs-travaganza. Today's action is courtesy of the PRI Bangers as well as the Ministox and 2l Stock Cars, and we also have the appearance of the Lightning Rods as they start the road towards this year's Supreme Championship.
So who missed our last meeting? If you did, then you really missed a great meeting with plenty of contact and more than a couple of spills. Possibly the biggest hits of the year so far were shared between the PRI Bangers and the Junior Bangers, the latter group being part of tomorrow's line up. Roll overs, pile ups and hits went into making that meeting a real humdinger. So can we expect the same thing of today's meeting? We certainly hope so. For those of you that did miss out, the PRI Banger formula is effectively the same as the Rookie formula that we have been running for the last few years. During that time, the formula has built up a good following with some great racing and a number of characters making a name for themselves to the point that some of them even progress to the National formula or to other formulas that appear both here and elsewhere.
I can recall in those far off days when I first came here reading the description of banger racing in that it was a cheap to race formula that was used both as a meaningful formula of its own and a starting point for a racer looking to progress upwards to bigger or more competitive racing. Sometimes I think that this is a bit harsh on banger racers who do take this whole thing seriously but it does have its point. You could say that the PRI formula is on a par with another old favourite, the White Top special; back in the day we would reserve the first race only for white tops, drivers who were not ranked or who were new to the sport who wanted a chance to race without the need to watch their backs for the experts. Mind you, any banger driver that doesn't watch their back is asking for a good spinning, jacking or whatever else comes to mind!
And so to the Lightning Rods, out for their first Supreme Qualifier of the year. We certainly had something to watch at the last meeting but that was all about local points. This meeting is all about getting as good a position as possible on the final grid which convenes here at the start of September. One thing that certainly showed at our last meeting was that the numbers seem to have grown a little and that can only be for the good of a formula that seemed to be on the decline at one point. It also showed that there are plenty of drivers willing to show their skills, whether they were gleaned from the banger circuit or anywhere else. Getting a 2l Sierra or similar around this circuit is hard enough as any banger driver will tell you but doing it without hitting anyone is even harder – it's all about speed, skill and the occasional bit of luck.
The 2l Stock Cars have a similar problem to the Lightning Rods but with one bonus – they can hit things. We have always enjoyed it when these cars have shown up for a go on this circuit. They have all the speed of a Lightning Rod but with contact allowed and armouring applied, a hit can really be something to remember, both for drivers and the spectators. It can be especially hard as the cars start the race, all trying to get that first corner. We also get this from the Ministox – they tend to have something extra there as the exuberance of youth can sometimes lead to some very close racing!
Anyway, that's what we have today. We also have plenty tomorrow as we host a Micro Banger Team event, the first Supreme Qualifier for the Stock Rods, those Junior Bangers I mentioned earlier and a group of youngsters driving a formula known as the Ninja Sprints. We kick off at 1pm tomorrow!