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Arena Essex Raceway
PRI Racing Fixtures
1.00pm , Monday, 04 May - PRI Bangers plus Junior Bangers, 2L Stock Cars and Ministox

Gates open at 10:30 AM       Admission prices on the gate -
Adults: £14.00, Children: £7.00 (under 5's free), Family: £40.00, Concessions: £8.00
No need to pre-book. Purchase tickets at the gate. 

With the weekend that little bit longer than usual this week, what better way to finish it than with a Bank Holiday all contact special? Today we have action from the PRI Bangers and the 2l Stock Cars while the younger folk do their thing with the Junior Bangers and the Ministox.
I spent last weekend at the Maldon Mud Race (no, I wasn't participating) and one thing I can certainly report was that the weather did us few favours. Hopefully we can enjoy today's racing with a bit more sunshine. Mind you, racing bangers on a wet surface has its own benefits. Racing on mud... well, let's just say that I used to be a regular attender at a certain circuit in Suffolk which, when the rain hit it in large enough amounts, the efforts needed to get the cars on and off the circuit, let alone race, could be a bit tricky. Thankfully for them, this wasn't something they had to deal with in every meeting so you could watch some good action on a surface that, unlike our tarmac when it's dry, presented a unique challenge. When our tarmac is wet, however, or when somebody has left oil on it, the trick of getting around the circuit without sliding off is just as difficult which is why some races end in a huge mass of tangled metal, especially on the bends.
That can be a problem, especially for faster formulas such as the Stock Cars where speed is the biggest need. These cars are pushed to their limit once the green flag goes down and anything on the circuit such as oil or water can slow things down. Added to this is the fact that engines pushed to their limits can sometimes misbehave. This season saw a few incidents, including the 2l Stock formula, where an engine decided to give up, leaving the contents of its sump for the cars behind to negotiate. When you know that an oil patch exists, you can avoid it. When the car in front suddenly lets go, you don't always have time to get out of the way. I've even slipped on oil out on the open road – it's an odd experience!
What can we expect today? It all boils down to what the weather has in store for us and who decides to brave the elements and the competition to try to get to the trophies. In the case of the Ministox few back out, something that has been noticed and something that has, at pretty much every meeting so far this season, led to a fantastic finish to at least one race. It's not always a matter of the cars at the front either as rivalries crop up wherever you look so even a battle for a minor spot can be great to watch. Even the effort to not come last! So while you applaud the three that are doing their lap of honour, consider the drivers further down the result too. You could say that they may be doing the same lap in the years to come.
There is some crossover between the Ministox and the Junior Bangers, and you can't fault either formula for enthusiasm, whether the race is a mad dash for the line or a thumping good bash on the bends. On the whole, we can look forward to a great day of racing and, as a bonus, we get a short week as well! How good is that?
Our next meeting will certainly prove interesting as we investigate something that has been something of note at our last couple of Firecracker meetings at least. The vehicle of choice in this is the MPV and we shall be hosting a meeting of these monsters at our meeting on Sunday, May 17 starting at 1pm where we shall also have the second round of the Grand Prix series for the Stock Rods as well as the Lightning Rods second Supreme qualifier and more 2l Stock Cars.