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Arena Essex Raceway
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1.00pm , Sunday, 06 November - Unlimited Open National Bangers 25th Anniversary Meeting plus Robin Reliants, 2L Stock Cars and Gigantic Fireworks Display

1st Race 1PM, gates open to public at 09 AM
Admission prices on the gate - Full Price (15 – 64): £20.00,
Concessions: (under 5's free), Children (5 – 14): £10.00
Family Ticket (2 * Full Price and up to 4 Children): £55.00,
Senior Citizens (aged 65+): £15.00    Disabled (Blue Badge Holders): £15.00
Carers (accompanying wheelchair users or disabled children only): £15.00

Admission includes car park and programme - (Programmes subject to availability)
Advance ticket sales are now open. Benefit from the advance booking discount and avoid the queues (offer expires 24 October 2016 but why delay - order now).  Read more about Firecracker

The banger legends are with us today as we attempt to follow up on last year's successful running of the Ronnie Martin Memorial meeting. We also have the Lightning Rods in their Supreme Championship final, held over from the last meeting due to a fixture clash and also the 2l Stock Cars in their final meeting of the year at Arena Essex, competing for the Essex Championship.
It's with some sadness that I look through the number of circuits that have closed over the years. Short circuit racing is often about trying to race within a budget and the money is often a deciding factor in which circuits stay open and which close down. Promotasport saw plenty of these over the years, from Thorrington Cross to Rayleigh to Swindon and, more prominently, Crayford and Harringay, these two featuring as part of the history of the World Championship that was last run here last month. It's more than just the circuits, however; it's the drivers and mechanics and spectators that participated at these circuits, some of which have become legendary since those days when racing a banger was much cheaper and health and safety wasn't such a large part of the racing landscape.
As I already mentioned, last year's inaugural Ronnie Martin Memorial meeting was pretty big and provided a lot of memories for those people attending that remember Arena Essex from the days when a hundred cars in the pit was a weekly occurrence and those more of us that remember further back to the days when such circuits as those that I've mentioned were still on the go and characters such as the late Mr. Martin graced us with their presence. The bookings today are all based around retired drivers or drivers over 60 and raced prior to 1990 so it will be interesting to see who comes out of the gate to try to recapture those long gone days.
Coming a little more up to date, we have two title events today, the first being the delayed Supreme Championship for the Lightning Rods. This has given us some good racing this year where at one point in previous years it looked like it would be doomed to follow the likes of the Sprint Cars and the National Superstox into the pages of PRI history. With new talent coming into the formula such as pole sitter Jamie Lee Callis giving some of the more seasoned veterans something to think about, it will be interesting to see how this all works out, especially given that Jamie starts the race alongside another Ministox veteran, Anthony Lawrence. As I've mentioned before, though this is not a contact formula, getting cars of this size around the circuit can lead to the odd bash or two, and pushing a car hard enough can lead to all sorts of disasters!
But then the 2l Stock Cars have the same sort of problem but with a lot less restriction on what they can do when somebody gets in the way! This will be all about the title but one cannot forget that, just as with the Lightning Rods, there are points at stake that can affect the overall standing of the drivers championship. With the Stock Cars, Nathan Roberts is safely ahead of the pack but the second place position could be fought to the end as Dave Palmer holds thirteen points over Steve Davies. Keep an eye on these two at least! With the Lightning rods, Jamie Lee-Callis also cannot be caught at the top of the table but Anthony Lawrence, Chris Reeve and Nigel Carroll will be fighting it out for second and third, especially as Chris only has third place by a single point over Nigel!
After this there is just one meeting to go and if you haven't got your ticket yet then today is the last chance for cut prices for the twenty-fifth Firecracker! The meeting features all the unlimited banger action you would expect along with Reliant Robins and 2l Stock Cars with a firework spectacular at the end. Sunday, November 6th is the date, 1pm is the time and Arena Essex is the place!