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Arena Essex Raceway
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1.00pm , Sunday, 08 March - Open Shakedown X featuring National Bangers Unlimited Overs and 2L Unders plus Ministox and 2L Stock Cars

Gates open at 10:30 AM       Admission prices on the gate -
Adults: £14.00, Children: £7.00 (under 5's free), Family: £40.00, Concessions: £8.00
No need to pre-book. Purchase tickets at the gate. 

With the long nights of winter finally backing off, we gather here once again for our regular dose of short circuit mayhem in our annual Shakedown meeting, its tenth running. It's an all contact meeting featuring two banger formulas plus action from the 2l Stock Cars and the Ministox.
A lot has changed in the ten years since the Shakedown first happened, notably that those early years of this meeting were all about a single unlimited formula rather than the two that we have been running more recently. Back then it was all about trying to do a third unlimited meeting in the old 40 meeting schedules we used to run – the others being the Firecracker and the Shootout. It was sad to see the back of the Shootout, especially after some of the great racing we had in that event. Of course we had the old Plastengrave sponsored season opener back before the Shakedown which brought in drivers from all over the place given its open nature, that part continuing into the Shakedown up to the present day.
So why mention all those great events from yesteryear? Well, if you go to the First Place Diner on turn four or the bar or even check the Arena Essex website (or even my own – yes, I actually updated it this year!) and pick up a fixture list, you might get an idea of what we are in store for through this season. I don't think that you'll be disappointed!
Anyway, today's meeting features two different banger formulas as I mentioned. The unlimited version is the long running part of the Shakedown and features some of the biggest cars you are likely to find in a banger race. Although we don't insist on the unusual fare that tends to be a standard part of the Firecracker, you may see some real oddities lining up alongside the Jags, Grannies and other staples of the unlimited formula, from limos to hearses and all points between. You might even see the odd MPV? No? Well, don't worry. They have their own battle later in the season. The other formula here is the “Under” formula, the under bit referring to under 2l engines which harkens back to the days when we did non-Ford(ish) racing on the opening day. Again we have a special for these cars later in the year just before the annual Banger World Finals in September.
The 2l Stocks have quite a number of meetings here this year; a welcome return for a regular full stock car formula. We shall see what they are like but anyone with memories of stock car racing at any circuit will know what to expect in this kind of formula. Remember, I did say all contact! You could call them armoured bangers if you were feeling uncharitable towards them but that really wouldn't be fair. Yes, they are armoured, but these guys are not just about contact but speed as well which often leads to spectacular crashes and some really close finishes.
And of course we can't talk about close finishes without mentioning the sort of racing that often besets one of our junior formulas, the Ministox. Sometimes you will find that the drivers here are more competitive than their adult counterparts! Of course it is difficult to say how things will work out given that the opening of the season is always tempered by the departure of our last crop of champions so we shall have to wait and see who is going to provide the competition this year, whether it is one of the veterans nearing their graduation or perhaps a newcomer will pop in and spice things up.
We're back in a couple of weeks time with more from the banger folk, this time the newly re-badged PRI Bangers will be here along with the Junior Bangers as well as our two regular hot rod formulas; the Lightning Rods and the Stock Rods. That all gets going at 1pm on Sunday, March 22.