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Arena Essex Raceway
PRI Racing Fixtures
1.00pm , Sunday, 20 April - Rookie Bangers plus Super Bangers and Lightning Rods

Gates open at 10:30 AM       Admission prices on the gate -
Adults: £14.00, Children: £7.00 (under 5's free), Family: £40.00, Concessions: £7.00
No need to pre-book. Purchase tickets at the gate. 

Welcome to the start of two days of racing here at Arena Essex. Today we welcome back the Rookie Bangers after their long winter hibernation... well, some of them took time off anyway! The SuperBangers also return today along with the Lightning Rods.
There's something of a link between the SuperBangers and the Lightning Rods in that a number of promising Lightning Rod drivers started in the SuperBanger ranks. While the two formulas are very different in many ways, the experience gained in just trying to go fast without hitting too much certainly seems to translate well. SuperBangers, as the name implies, is not a Rod formula, however, and I've heard some folk complain bitterly when their favourite gets turned into the centre or nudged out of the way by somebody that wants to get there faster. While you will rarely see any real wrecking – I can only recall the one SuperBanger event that actually allowed for that; it was many years ago when the formula was changing from any car competing to a single model formula – contact can happen and if things get close, it will!
But then what of the Lightning Rods? Does this also count as a contact formula? Short answer; no, it doesn't. That doesn't mean that contact doesn't happen though. The cars used in this formula aren't small and getting them around the corners, especially if there are a number that want to go around at the same time, can be a bit tricky. People make mistakes and before you know it, somebody is nursing a damaged car. These cars are also pushed to their limits and can sometimes cause trouble for the driver and, on the odd occasion, for everyone else around. If you see a blue circle being displayed, you know that some car somewhere has disgraced itself all over the track!
With all that we have today with these formulas, where do the Rookies fit in? Well, they fit in as they usually do, by racing a bit, spinning a bit, wrecking a bit, then destroying each other at the end! Some folk may feel that it is a bit strange to refer to this formula using the term “Rookie” as it has featured a number of full blown PRI banger drivers (and probably will do today), but the main point of this formula is to give drivers that are not necessarily big name drivers a chance to do their thing on the circuit. It's a cheaper formula than the main banger formulas as there isn't as much preparation to do, and the teams that tend to dominate the National meetings are generally absent. In some ways, this is a lot like the “white top” days of old in that one of the things that can happen is that a good racer here can eventually end up as a good National racer while others can be content to race and wreck for the fun of it without the pressure of National Banger racing.
Speaking of which, National Banger racing is what we have for you on Monday starting at 1pm. We also have the return of the Junior Bangers and the Ministox while the Stock Rods start off on the road to their Supreme Championship with their first round qualifier.