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Arena Essex Raceway
PRI Racing Fixtures
1.00pm , Monday, 21 April - National Bangers plus Junior Bangers, Stock Rods Supreme Q/R 1 and Ministox

Gates open at 10:30 AM       Admission prices on the gate -
Adults: £14.00, Children: £7.00 (under 5's free), Family: £40.00, Concessions: £7.00
No need to pre-book. Purchase tickets at the gate. 

It's Easter, it's Monday
We have National Bangers and Junior Bangers, two formulas that have been distinguishing themselves well so far this year. Then we have the Ministox, another good formula that keeps on giving. And last, but certainly not least, we have the Stock Rods, a formula that gets better with each meeting.
Of course there was something a bit special about our last National Banger outing, namely the first round of the Keeping It Real Series (sponsored on this occasion by AutoSmart International) and featured cars, crashes and all manner of other good stuff. A60s, Moggies, rollovers, contact from all sides, we had it all! Suffice to say that this series has promise as it continues through the season. Today doesn't have a title or a series, but we hope that we do have a good time and even if today isn't part of a series, we hope that we can still keep it real on the circuit.
When I introduced the Junior Bangers back in March, I referred to the old NAMPS formula that we once raced here. The Junior formula now is somewhat different in that the cars are smaller, but the competition still continues once these drivers are on the circuit as we saw in that meeting. If we talked about keeping it real in the Nationals, we can certainly say that the younger drivers kept it real in that first meeting, but isn't that what we usually see with Junior formulas? You could say that it is partly down to the exuberance of youth – goodness knows that we have seen it in the past in the Ministox formula and like the Ministox, these drivers don't hold back!
Ministox? Well, the season start often shows up the changes that inevitably occur over the closed season as champions retire and the new batch of upstarts race in to take over at the front. Some of the names that are popping up in the top three may stay there all year while others may fade over time for any number of reasons. For example, will Charlie and Will Morphey dominate the season like they dominated the trophies in the last Ministox session a couple of weeks ago? If not, who is likely to challenge them? It's these questions that often get asked at this time of the year but often never get answered until the final result is called in October!
The Stock Rods really seem to have blossomed this year with two good meetings so far and some notion of new talent coming into the formula. Ray Petty was the name to conjure with in the last meeting, for example. Having retired from his Mini days, his first appearance in our last meeting here was hardly inspiring as he ended up on the infield after a technical disqualification when his hood tried to escape. Having sorted that out, however, he returned and put in a good heat win and a second place finish behind Jamie Aikhurst, a driver who was doing his first meeting in the Stock Rods that day. So what of the more experienced drivers? What of the champions of old? Two meetings now and nothing so far for them. Well, they are still there but we shall have to see what becomes of the new talent as it is bumped up the grades and down the starting grid, especially on a day like today when there are Supreme Championship points at stake!
Well that's April for you. We get going in May on Sunday 5th with more from the National Bangers, the Lightning Rods and Stock Rods and more Ministox. See you then!