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Arena Essex Raceway
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1.00pm , Sunday, 27 July - National Bangers KIRS (All Mk1 and Mk2 Granadas) round 3 for the Meningitis Research Foundation in memory of Maya Ford plus Ministox and Stock Rods

Gates open at 10:30 AM       Admission prices on the gate -
Adults: £14.00, Children: £7.00 (under 5's free), Family: £40.00, Concessions: £7.00
No need to pre-book. Purchase tickets at the gate. 

If you were here last year for the Olly Moran/Maya Ford Memorial, chances are that you enjoyed every minute of what we had to show that day. Today we attempt to do it all again as we meet up for part three of the "Keeping It Real Series", the Maya Ford Memorial All Mk.I and II Granada Banger meeting, again in aid of the Meningitus Research Foundation.
The tragic events of the end of 2012 had an effect on the 2013 season here at Arena Essex throughout the year, especially when it came to the eventual meeting itself. Although the Olly Moran meeting has been in the annual fixture list for some time now, the sheer outpouring of goodwill led to a weekend of racing that featured so much. We raced well over 200 cars during the eventual two day meeting with all sorts of people getting involved including regular drivers, past heroes of the circuit, even drivers from other parts of the banger racing world. I believe that the grand parade on the Sunday was the only time that I have seen that many cars on the circuit at once, here or anywhere else, with cars lined up three abreast around three quarters of the circuit as veteran commentator Rob Porter interviewed the mastermind behind the event, Paul Whiteman. When we finally got down to actually racing, I could see so much from the past being brought back to life, back when a hundred cars in the pits was a weekly occurrence, when teams such as the Suicide Squad, the Vermin, the Nomads, the Dirty Half-Dozen and so on traded blows. It was a fantastic weekend, one of the highlights of the end of the season, and a boost to the efforts of the Meningitis Research Foundation.
That's what it's about today and we have had a fantastic response from competitors signing up for today's meeting. There were already well over that magic figure of a hundred cars signed in by our last meeting and the books were still open and taking in more to the extent that we have at least one extra event and possibly more! While last year was very much an exercise in nostalgia, we didn't forget what bangers are supposed to do while on the circuit, and that's pretty much what we expect today as this meeting form part of the Keeping It Real Series for which there are points for those that entertain us as well as those that actually win races, and we all know what points make, don't we?
The bangers are backed up today by the Stock Rods and the Ministox. Both formulas have provided some stellar action throughout this season, with new faces emerging as dominant forces alongside more seasoned drivers. In the Stock Rods, while Steve Gooch may have taken the Chick Woodroffe Memorial a couple of meetings ago, it still seems that he and the other star graders are having trouble working their way to the front, mostly as drivers such as Jamie Akehurst and Ben Grant are having a terrific season. Goochie might have a place at the top of the leader board but I believe that the eventual outcome could be very close. A similar story could be said of the Ministox who return today after a bit of a layoff. While Will Morphey and Lauren Overy battle the top of the points out, you can't rule out any of the drivers below that who have been becoming more competitive as the season goes on. One mistake and the whole board could be turned upside down!
Yes, only three formulas today but we expect to have plenty of mess to clean up. We will try to keep things moving as far as possible but it is likely that we may have a few pauses here and there, so it is worth remembering that the Raceway Tavern Complex has plenty to keep you busy between races, from the various food shops such as the Sweet Shop, the Sea Food Shop and the First Place Diner to the Track Shop which sells all the latest racing literature, models, hats, T-Shirts and more, RacePixels who sell anything that you could put a photo on and the Video Shop where you can pre-order a copy of today's meeting as well as past meetings. Even last year's Maya Ford Memorial? You can but ask!
Our next meeting is the first of the Essex Championships, this time for the National Bangers, the Lightning Rods finish off their Supreme Qualifiers while we also have Junior Bangers back again alongside the Ministox. It all starts at 1pm on Sunday, August 10.