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Arena Essex Raceway
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1.00pm , Sunday, 21 September - 44th O.R.C. National Bangers World Championship Finals plus Ministox and 2L Stock Cars Essex Championship

Gates open at 10:30 AM       Admission prices on the gate -
Adults: £15.00, Children: £8.00 (under 5's free), Family: £45.00, Concessions: £8.00
No need to pre-book. Purchase tickets at the gate. 

Welcome to the 44th annual ORC National Banger World Championship. We welcome drivers and crews as well as spectators and fans alike to Arena Essex for the latest version of this, the longest running event of its kind and one of the high points in the Banger racing calendar as hopeful drivers from all over the world of Banger racing compete to get a bit of gold on the roof, the trophy, the prizes and the right to be able to say that they were, at least for this year, the best.
It's also a chance for Jason Jackson to defend the title he won last year, one of a number of gold grades that he has managed to pin down over the years. It certainly won't be easy to do given the talent that will be racing against him and a lot will depend on the draw which will decide who will start where on the grid. While it is not common for the pole position driver to win this, it hasn't been unknown and often depends on how well the start goes and whether the driver on the front is capable of making the most of their advantage but in many cases it is down to who might stop you on your way to the finish and a heavy dose of luck. These are, after all, bangers – cars that have seen out the end of their working lives and are now having a last fling before the crusher has its way. Of course, the drivers and their mechanics will try to make sure that the cars they use will at least make it as far as the finish line and that they have a fighting chance should somebody take them on but, as we have seen over the years in this event, it is never that straightforward. Some drivers, having realised that they can't win, will try to get into the headlines by affecting the result with some wrecking and it hasn't been unusual to see a few old rivalries creep into this event too.
The day is about more than just the final itself as we also have a couple of last chance races to kick off with. These wildcard races are an absolute last chance to get into the World Final at the back of the grid for those drivers that didn't quite get enough points or whatever to grab a regular spot on the grid. Again you will see drivers from all over the place and these races can be just as vicious as the main event as the only way into the final is by winning.
We also have 2l Stock Cars and Ministox today. I've not really had much to do with the 2l Stocks, this being the Spedeworth version of this formula rather than the Nationals who we last saw back in June but if you put a 2l engine under the bonnet of a stock car, you know what to expect. As with all stock car formulas, this is a contact sport and while the aim is to get across the line first, getting there is where the fun starts.
As for the Ministox, they have been involved in quite a few meetings lately and the race for the top spot heated up somewhat with our last meeting as the Morpheys were conspicuous by their absence, allowing Lauren Overy to step up her game and grab enough points to see her grab the driver's championship lead. Will the Morpheys return today and, if so, what will they make of their current situation? Looking at the fixtures, this could be a crucial meeting for the Minis as they take a break from here until October 19 which is their last meeting of the year so that means just six races left and, at this point, nothing settled.
Our next meeting is at 1pm on October 19 when the Rookie Bangers return for the annual Orange Car Day, also known as the Terry Skeef Memorial, while the Lightning Rods are back for their version of the Essex Championship. We also have Junior Bangers and Stock Rods.