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1.00pm , Sunday, 05 October - Rookie Bangers ORANGE CAR DAY Skeefy Memorial plus Stock Rods, Junior Bangers and Lightning Rods Essex Championship

Gates open at 10:30 AM       Admission prices on the gate -
Adults: £14.00, Children: £7.00 (under 5's free), Family: £40.00, Concessions: £7.00
No need to pre-book. Purchase tickets at the gate. 

Looking back at last year's introduction to this meeting, two things became clear. First of all, I had been looking back into the history of this meeting and there were a number of drivers involved in the Terry Skeef Memorial that were big at the time but have now bowed out for various reasons. It's a shame when any driver has to give up, whatever the reason... well, almost... since most of them will have provided something to remember them by. But then that's the point of a memorial; we remember those that have left us behind and the things they did while they were still around to do them. The difference is that while many drivers have retired due to age, family commitments, relocation or whatever, Terry left us in a more permanent way back at the turn of the century in a way not of his own choice. We hold memorials for many reasons; some are very private and personal, but it is always with a hope that we can also turn the event into something more positive. So it is today when the descendants of the two formulas he was participating in when ill health forced him from the track do battle for the Terry Skeef Memorials.
The second thing that was clear was that we were right in the middle of one of the best season closing runs of meetings ever, and this meeting was no exception.
The first and probably most high profile of these formulas, the Bangers. In this case we have the Rookie Bangers which, as I said last year, are probably the closest thing we have to the Non-Ford Bangers that the initial Memorial was raced with. Back then it was an engine restriction to under two litres, nothing bigger than an Escort and this was the end meeting of a season long title race. While the Rookies aren't quite the same in all respects, they do share one thing with the cars that took the field on October 8, 2000, and that is the colour. Terry often raced with the Orange Squash team (not to be confused with the Clockwork Orange who were contemporaries but came mainly from Romford) so the original idea of all cars racing in orange was born from there. We never expected the Group A Hot Rods to do the same thing but they did oblige us with orange ribbons tied on each car. This tradition continues with the successors to that formula, the Stock Rods, and some of our drivers today were also on the grid fourteen years ago for that inaugural meeting.
Today is not just about past glories, however. It also features the Lightning Rods reaching for new glories as they compete for the Essex Championship. While this is a formula that has certainly declined from the numbers that once graced our circuit, they can still provide some great action, especially when there is much at stake. Could Anthony Lawrence add the Essex title to his successes this year? If not, who will stop him? Or what? These cars have their own brand of mechanical failure and Lawrence isn't immune to that as we have seen.
To cap it all off, we have our last appearance of the year for the Junior Bangers and I believe I speak for everyone when I give them a hearty thanks for all they have done this year. We have had some excellent action from this formula over the course of the season and hope for more of the same today and for the seasons to come.
We're keeping it real again in our next meeting on Sunday, October 19 at 1pm when round 4 of the series brings us four man team banger racing while the Stock Rods return for their version of the Essex Championship. We also have a last fling for this season for the SuperBangers and the dash for the last few points for the Ministox.
Don't forget that the Firecracker is on its way. The Unlimited Classic Banger meeting is now in its twenty-third year and will provide the usual assortment of oddities and names from around the Banger racing world. You can still get your advance tickets at the Arena Essex website (, available at discounted prices until October 20.