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Arena Essex Raceway
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1.00pm , Sunday, 02 November - The Unlimited Open Banger Meeting of the Year plus Robin Reliants and Gigantic Fireworks Display

Gates open at 09:00 AM       Admission prices on the gate -
Adults: £20.00, Children: £10.00 (under 5's free), Family: £55.00, Concessions: £10.00
Purchase tickets at the gate.  Read more about Firecracker

We've made it to the end of another great year of racing and what better way to top it all off than with one of the biggest events in the Banger racing calendar? It's time for the Firecracker again, the meeting where we welcome drivers from all over the world (I'm not kidding here, we have seen plenty of drivers from overseas in the twenty-two years that this event has been running so far) in whatever tin they can find to race for the coveted title (and the money, of course) and to enjoy smashing each other into oblivion.
Over these years, what was originally called the Firecracker 500 has really grown to be a date on any Banger racing fan's calendar from what were fairly humble beginnings. Its first running didn't see anything like the numbers that we eventually expected to see but those that were there decided that they liked what they saw and it all grew from there. Back before then I can recall that my usual post-season jaunts were down to Ringwood for their big unlimited event and over to Wimbledon for the Unlimited World Championships, then it was just getting my fix of contact action wherever I could get it. I wasn't alone either as a number of PRI drivers made the trip for these events. I can recall watching the Suicide Squad of the day doing a number around the Ringwood tarmac, the ends getting clogged by dead metal as the hits went in on all sides! Back then it was something of an exciting prospect to hear that the folk at PRI were planning to set up a new end of season event in addition to the old Grand Slam meeting that would allow unlimited cars out to do battle in a similar way.
I've rarely been disappointed by a Firecracker, even those which some fans heavily criticised for the way in which they were organised. Sometimes it was a gripe about grouping certain makes and models together. Other times it was something that happened within a race that they disagreed with. Goodness knows that I've had my criticisms of racing in the various formulas in my time here and that my views didn't always gel with these fans to the extent that I've been known to blow up online at one or two folk. If anything is true about Banger racing or oval racing in general, it is that it is no stranger to controversy! But then it is also no stranger to good, hard action which, after all these years, is still the one thing that we aspire to. We don't call ourselves “The Action Track” for nothing! From the rare and unusual to the large and weighty, from American stretch limos vaulting the fence to London Taxis outrunning the field, we have seen it all. Or have we? For those of us that get here early, one of the biggest pleasures is to see the competitors driving out onto the circuit for their scrutineering. We get to see the cars as they are before they get pummelled into the armco, the work that has been put into them by the crews to get them ready for action, not to mention some of the special paint jobs that adorn them. We appreciate this. This has been a year where we have been trying to keep it real and the turnout is surely part of that whole process. And smashing them all to bits is another part!
So enjoy your day here at Arena Essex. See if you can pick the winner!
This just about wraps it all up for us this year. We're back again next year starting on March 8 with the annual Shakedown meeting featuring “Over and Under” Bangers. Over and under 2l, that is! Meanwhile, have a merry Christmas and a happy new year and enjoy your oval racing wherever you go.