Technical Specifications

Technical Specifications

Technical specifications govern the car build and discipline within each formula, and it is essential that drivers familiarise themselves with the content of these documents.

They may also be of interest to everyone who likes to keep in touch with how each formula is regulated at Arena Essex Raceway.

Click on the link below to view the specifications or print off a copy.

Formula Year Date of spec Authorising Body
2L Stock Cars 2018 08-Mar-18 Governing Body
Lightning Rods 2018 19-Mar-18 Governing Body
Ministox 2018 06-Mar-18 Governing Body
National Bangers 2018 19-Mar-18 Governing Body
PRI Bangers 2018 08-Mar-18 Governing Body
Safety Equipment 2018 25-Jan-18 Governing Body
Stock Rods 2018 06-Feb-18 Governing Body
Driver Safety 2017 31-Jan-17 Governing Body
General Rules of Racing 2017 23-Jan-17 Governing Body

For any other formulae, please contact the appropriate regulating body.